To protect the value of Tiburon Ridge and provide design consistency, a complete set of construction, site and landscaping plans must be submitted and approved by the Developer prior to commencement of any construction activity.  The following guidelines have been set for construction of single-family residences in Tiburon Ridge

Exterior Requirements:    
Front Elevation shall be covered with 50% or more brick and/or stone
Street side exposed foundations shall be covered with brick or stone

Heritage II Style Asphalt Singles, weathered wood in color unless approved by Developer.  6/12 Pitch Roofs and above

Fireplace chimneys must be covered in brick or stone

No fence shall be installed without prior approval of the Developer.  All fencing shall be constructed of black wrought iron or steel, no chain link or wood allowed.  No fence shall exceed 6 feet in height and no privacy fencing.

Driveways shall be constructed of concrete and or paving stones, driveways between the sidewalk and curb shall must be constructed of concrete

25 Front
25 Rear
10 Interior Side Yard
15 Side Yard Facing Street

Suggested Home Size: 
1,900 SF Main Level

1.5 Story
1,500 SF Main Level Minimum

2 Story
1,500 SF Main Level Minimum

Lots 1-50
Lots 51-94
First Amendment Lots 1-50